Monday, September 26, 2011

Austin trip

We went to Austin over a weekend to see the BYU/UT game even though BYU lost :( and visit some friends. It was so fun to see the Mons family. We are excited they are back in Texas and we get to see them more often. Yes, my children love mud. They definitely have a lot of their dad in them.

Logan peacefully floating with his football. You can tell he just loves that ball!

We were grateful we survived all the fires that are burning down Austin and had fun with our friends.

We went to the game and stayed with the Fluckiger family as well. We had so much fun catching up with them, eating their yummy and very nutritious food and attending church at their ward. We are so blessed to have such great friends!

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Robyn said...

yay for being close to the Crow fam again! It was so nice to see you... and I'm excited to see you in a few weeks. Wahoo!