Wednesday, March 05, 2014

February 2014

Our little Bethie turned "5" this month.  She got a Belle doll, a glow in the dark pillow, a Leapster book, a bead set and a pretty new dress and bows.  Wow, did she get spoiled!

Gram got her a big beautiful cake!
Valentine's Day Preschool party with her preschool friends.  We played games, decorated cookies, read books and of course gave out Valentines to everyone!
Hanging out with Cameron at his V-day party at school!
Here is his whole class!
Making Olaf snowmen with marshmallows at Bethany's "Frozen" Party!
Then making snowflakes.  Cameron was a great teacher!
"Freeze" dancing to the Frozen music.
We also played a "Frozen" matching game and Pin the Frozen Heart on Anna.  They had so much fun!  Look at all that pink!
We took picture with each of her friends and the gifts they gave her!
Coco and Nora (obviously twins)
Kaylee and Hollie (sisters)
Blowing out her #5 candle on her "Frozen" cake consisting of powered sugar donuts stacked on each other and a blue ribbon around the bottom. We also had vanilla ice cream with blue sprinkles on top My kind of dessert...nice and easy to make and the kids loved it! For lunch we had "reindeer" (chicken) nuggets, carrot sticks (in honor of Olaf's nose), grapes that were actually frozen and "melted snow" (water bottles). Some of the kids were really worried that we were eating reindeer, so we had to reassure them that it really was chicken.  Really, what's the difference chicken or reindeer?
 Out to breakfast with two of my besties (Sondra and Lori) for Valentine's Day.  We each had  our youngest child with us.  Aren't they cute? They will all be going to Kindergarten next school year...bitter sweet!
This was Wesley's Olaf creation.  It is kind of morbid, but really funny!
Kids always having fun with Rugby! See the boxes?  Gram and Grandpa moved out to their newly 
built home the end of February.  It was fun to have them stay with us.  We will miss them (and Gram's cooking)!