Monday, October 07, 2013

September 2013

David, Sara and Lily came to visit for a weekend and it was so fun to see them, especially watching Lily grow up and make her sweet little sounds, enjoy her smiles and watch her interact with my children.
Then my parents (yes we all played headbands and looked like total geeks in our mouse ears at Bethany's request...the things we do for our princess) and the Beams came to visit for Carter's special day.  He was baptized on September 21, 2013. 

It was a very special day.  Nanny and Gram gave the talks, Papa and Grandpa gave the prayers, my children and Conner and Carmendy sang "I Am a Child of God," Sara Walker sang "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus," Luddy played the piano, I led the music, and Uncle David and Uncle Kim were the witnesses.
Ken performed the baptism and of course, our sweet little Carter got baptized.  He waved to everyone after he came up out of the water. It was adorable!  Two of his teachers from school Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Brown came to the baptism along with the Boarders, the Bates, his Primary teacher Brother Gunnerson, Sister Blake from the Primary Presidency and Brother Harris from the Bishopric.

Tristin loved little Lily...he doesn't have any younger siblings so he was in heaven holding her!
Mom and Dad with their did we get so old?
Taking one of my BFF's to lunch for her 40th birthday. Welcome to the 40's club.  About time some of my friends join me. :) BJ's is one of our favorites!
Look at that good looking group!  So glad they love each other!  Enjoying a birthday cake for Cameron full of 11 candles.  Can't believe he is growing up so fast!

He got a new scooter from Gram that lights up when the wheels go!

Cameron invited a few friends from school for a swim party, games and pizza and cake.  It was an easy but fun little party!  Yes, we still swim at the end of September in Texas :)
Playing with Lily again!

Now it's Kens turn for another birthday.  He hasn't hit the 40's club yet, but he's getting closer.  Gram got an amazing Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins.  Even me, the no sugar queen, could not resist! It was worth it though! Ken finally got new scriptures, yeah!  He was still using the ones from his mission.  You can imagine how well used (to put it politely) they were.
Cameron was born on the exact same day as one of the boys in our ward just a few hours apart.  So, we had another little b-day get together with friends from church.  Swimming, games, hot dogs and cake.  They had a blast!

Carter was so excited to make and race his first pinewood derby car.  He helped a lot making the car and he called it The Black Widow.  Although he didn't rank in the top 3 cars, it was priceless watching his face during the whole derby...he was so happy!

We went to an airshow that was nearby in McKinney.  We got to see the only F-29 in the world that still flies (there are only 25 total, but the rest are just in muesems).  We watched it take off, fly, and land and then we got to go inside.  The F-29 was the aircraft that held and dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to end WWII. 

This is how Texans dress when it suddenly drops to the 60's. She loves her daddy!

My children all took up a new hobby while watching conference this year.  Gram taught them how to crochet and they were remarkably quiet through most of the sessions.  I think they might get put in the Guiness Book of World Records for crocheting the longest chain.  I should try to enter them you get a monetary reward for setting a World Record?  I'm holding on to this picture, it will probably be a great blackmail tool for me in the future. :)