Saturday, May 24, 2008

San Antonio Fun

We met the Beam family (Wendy's sister) in San Antonio for a weekend. We did the two-day Sea World experience with 5 boys age 7 and younger. It was almost 100 degrees with some insane percentage of humidity, but we still had fun as long as we stayed wet.

Some of the highlights were feeding the dolphins, getting splashed by Shamu, going on the log flume ride, and playing at the Lost Lagoon (the water park inside Sea World).

On Sunday, we went to a ward meeting that was close to the San Antonio temple so that we could go and visit the grounds.

Unfortunately the grounds were locked, but...

this wasn't going to stop our boys from getting in! Luckily, we caught them before they made it over.
We stopped by the River Walk before heading home and barely managed to keep our boys...

out of the water!

We also stopped by the Alamo where the sun was obviously very bright!

Although it was hot in San Antonio, at least we didn't get rain...until we got home!

Monday, May 05, 2008

We're Baaack!

We finally did something that we could not help but make a blog post about it. Ken and I went to JAMAICA for a long weekend and stayed in an adult only all inclusive resort called Sandals Whitehouse for our anniversary. When we were planning what to do for our anniversary, we talked about going to stay in a Bed and Breakfast somewhere here in Texas. He told me he would start looking around at some good B&B’s in the area. About a month before our anniversary, Ken sent me an e-mail with a link of a place that he thought would be nice to stay. I clicked on the link (of course thinking some quaint little B&B was going to pop up) and immediately knew that this place was not in Texas!! It was a wonderful surprise.

The trip was absolutely amazing! We recommend every married couple to take some time away (find a great deal—like we did) and spend some time together nurturing your relationship at an adult only all inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean.

We were able to water ski, snorkel, sail a boat, canoe, swim in the ocean and the pool, play beach and pool volleyball, learn Jamaican dances, relax in a hammock on the beach, eat gourmet, delicious, and artistic food at the 7 restaurants on the resort, and enjoy live Jamaican entertainment every night (although we were sick of Bob Marley songs after the first couple of days). No, we are not getting paid to be an advertiser for this resort, it was just that great! Oh, I forgot to mention the nice rooms and the gorgeous scenery!

All drinks were free as well! The resort had wet bars attached to all the swimming pools, so you would just swim on up and ask for a drink. I think we were the only ones that did not drink alcohol, so unlike most people there we remember our whole vacation. However, we sure did take advantage of the virgin pina coladas and the fresh pineapple juice. We are still craving the pineapple juice—my mouth is watering as I am typing.

All the Jamaicans that worked at the resort were very gracious and kind with beautiful accents (kind of like an English accent with their own flair). I felt like a princess because they all addressed me as either “my lady” or “madame.” They are laid back and never seem to be in a hurry (no stress in Jamaica)! They really do say “Yah, Man” and “No Problem” all the time. Ken and I were even saying these phrases by the time we left.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was the bus ride from the airport to the resort. It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. Jamaicans drive on the wrong side of the road (in our USA opinion) and their steering wheels are on the wrong side too! This took some getting used to especially since 95% of the time we were speeding (literally going extremely fast) on a very narrow and curvy two-way mountain road with pot holes and bumps everywhere.

I wish we would have taken some pictures, but we were so tired and pre-occupied with the safety of our lives. The driver kept assuring us, “No problem my friends, I have driven this bus for 10 years without any accidents.” I was truly amazed that we got to the resort in one piece.

On this road, we were able to see the real Jamaica. It was neat to see all the different tropical trees, flowers, and plants . It was sad to see all the poverty! We saw hundreds of tin, cement, or wood shacks as homes. Goats and cows walk around freely and just about as many bars (really just one-room shacks) as homes. Most of what we saw was very poor and there were a few very wealthy areas, but not much in between. It made me feel a little guilty that we were going to an incredible resort when most of the people lived in such poor conditions. But I got over it! J

Click on the link to see more pictures of our tropical get-a-way! (included are a few pictures of our trip to Dallas World Aquarium, visiting College Station for spring break where my sister and her family live, and attending a musical, Beauty and the Beast). Enjoy!!

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