Sunday, March 03, 2013

February 2013

Bethany had a princess b-day party.  Cameron had all the princesses and princes captivated by reading them a fairy tale.  He is really good with children. Here are a few pictures opening her presents with her friends.  She really got spoiled :)  I just posted the pictures that they were actually mostly looking at the camera.

For Bethany's birthday, we also went to a restaurant called "The Magic Time Machine."  We had Willy Wonka for our waiter, a magician came and did magic tricks for us and other characters like Wonder Woman and Zorro visited us.  Besides the fun "fizzy" drinks the kids got, the food was pretty marginal, but the atmosphere was fun!

They also took a picture of us and changed all our faces.  It is pretty freaky looking, but it always makes me laugh when I look at it!  We especially love Bethany's 70's look.