Monday, August 12, 2013

July 2013

Cameron and Carter love to hold babies.  Here they are at a play place for kids holding our neighbors new little girl.  They are going to be the best daddies.
We finally got to meet Benson and he was such a cutie!  He is very chubby and cute (just like Craig was when he was a baby).   He is also so content and calm.  We loved getting to spend time with him.

While Ken, Wes and Cam went paintballing, my mom and I took Cart and Beth to Wheeler Farm.  They loved all the animals and especially the cows that mooed so loud at us it sounded like they had microphones.

We went and played some basketball at the ward and it was transfer day.  We got to see Elder Mackillop from our old Lewisville ward with his new companion getting transferred to Rock Springs, WY.  I got to message his mom and tell her the news!
A trip to Utah just wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Walton Cabin.  The kids loved the swing, playing in the nature, and playing games.

I love this picture of Carter and Benson.  Carter really took care of Benson and loved to hold him.
I also love this picture of Sadie and Bethany.  What cuties...I wish they could see each other more often.

Watching the 24th of July parade.  We had great seats and this wave from President Uchtdorf looked like it was just for us. It's fun to see him in his western gear.  It was interesting to notice that he had at least 5 bodyguards around him. Later at Nanny and Papa's house we watched the video of when I was in the parade my Senior year in high school as the 1st runner up to Miss South Salt Lake.  Bethany was amazed that her mom was one of the "princesses" on the float.

We went to the Planetarium (right after we pigged out at Kneaders all-you-can-eat french toast) and enjoyed one I-MAX movie and a dome movie (which costs way too much money).  We could of skipped the shows and had just as much fun with all the free hand on scientific stuff we played with.
Our children on Mars and on the moon. :)

We went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum which including a "tinkering" room.  We ended up playing with hands on science type experiments in that room longer than we stayed at the dinosaur part of the museum.

Are children are such great actors!

We hiked the "Y" and although my dad and I barely made it and Cameron complained the whole time, we did it.  The view was definitely worth it!

We went to a sporting goods store that had a ferris wheel right in the middle.  Here are the members of the family brave enough to ride it.

We had a little b-day party for Carter turning 8 with the Walton family and the highlight was that we got to use some people's ice blocks that were there at the same park (ironically it was a man that had grown up in Frisco and went to the same middle school as Wesley and graduated from Frisco High.  The kids LOVED ice blocking!
We spent some time at Camie and Jake's house and Grandpa Crow came down from Idaho to see us.  Ken got to go to the temple with his dad for the first time.
They all love playing with Tanner (as much as he can play...he usually just lays down), especially Carter.
All pooped out!
It was really neat to go and do Baptims for the Dead with Wesley in the SLC temple.  He really felt the spirit there and told me that we needed to go to the temple once a month to do baptisms...what a great example he is!  One of Wilford Woodruff's great grandsons, Wilford Woodruff, helped do the confirmations.  He had some pretty neat stories to share!
We went to a place called Hollywood Connection, where we got to ride unlimited rides, play mini golf, go roller skating, and each had 15 tokens for video games all for a total of $42.  It was a big hit!

On the way home, we stopped at the Cortez, Co cultural center and visited a small Native American museum to help Wesley pass off his Indian Lore Merit Badge.
Back in Texas, Carter got another b-day celebration.  Look at him blow out those candles.  What a windbag!

Some other fun things we did while in Utah:

1. Roasted hotdogs and marshmallows up the canyon with Craig and Angeli
2. Went to a Dibb Reunion
3.  Went to my mission reunion at President Jacobsen's house
4.  Got together for a BBQ with some of my highschool friends and the kids played "Snipes" and "Zombie Tag."
5.  Played games (really liked Wits and Wagers), read books (especially the Mr. books, Little Cloud and The Monster at the End of the Book), played with dinosaurs, care bears and cars and watched some fun movies (Space Jam, Wonder Man with Danny Kaye, Groundhog Day with Fred McMurray, and Son of Flubber with Fred McMurray at Nanny and Papa's house. Plus, we can't forget the excitement of the green comb. :)
6. Lit off our own fireworks.
7.  Went to the Cherry Hill Water Park with Angeli's family.
8.  Got a famous Iceberg Shake!
9.  Played lots of pool at Camie and Jake's house.
10.  Went out to eat with friends and family (Kimberlie, Kathy, Cynth, and Craig and Ang took the kids to a Pizza Buffet...they ate 26 pieces--ahhh!).