Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Rest of September

Wesley is moving right along in 11 year old scouts.  He got his Tenderfoot and is really close to getting Second and First class.  His eyes are still blue, not white like this picture is showing!

Bethany pretends that these are her long nails that she has painted.  They are the pieces from the game Trouble.  I remember doing this when I was young as well. This is one of the last pictures we have of Bethany before she decided to cut one of her pig tails off and we had had to cut her hair to shoulder length.

What a ham!  Swimming for Cameron's b-day party.

We just invited four of Cameron's best friends over for his b-day (two girls and two boys).  We went swimming at our neighborhood pool, then had snacks, rootbeer floats and opened presents.  Then we went and played Laser Tag.  It was the perfect sized party.

Ken and one of the other dads also played Laser Tag and Bethany was very sad that she could not play, so the worker let us go in and watch.  She thought that was fun, but kept saying, "I wish I was a big girl so I could play."

Look at those cheeks.  He really wants that wish to come true!

This cake was from Gram and Grandpa and was went for both Ken and Cameron since their b-days are so close together.  I guess Carter didn't want dad to blow the candles out.

He finally got to on his actual b-day!

Bethany actually asked us to take these pictures of her because she was pretending to be a baby and she thought she looked so cute.  She pretends she is a baby or baby ducks, chics, dinosaurs, dogs, kitties, etc.  Maybe this is why she still wants to wear a diaper and refuses to go Number 1 in the toilet.  At least she has been Number 2 trained for almost 9 months.

This is our van that after is back up into our brick wall and almost landed in the street.  Luckily, Wesley jumped out the window and I was already out of the car before it even started rolling.  I didn't get the car fully in park (although I was able to get the keys out of the ignition...a defect we found out in Honda Odysseys 2000-2004) and so it just rolled right back into the brick wall.  What a blessing that no one was in the car, no one was in the alley and no one was on the sidewalk.  Our car is totaled, but it was pretty old anyway!

The fire dept. had special tools to help us get the van unstuck and then...

We had lots of neighbors help us clean up the alley and sidewalk and here is our load of bricks!  Bethany is quite excited about them!

Here is our rental car that is a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country that is fully loaded.  We all really like it and are going to be sad to have a down grade when we actually buy a new van.  Bethany already named it Conner.  Cameron's name for the car is "The Toaster" and dad really liked that one!

This is what the trunk of our car looked liked.  Lots of rubble!!

This is our daughter that goes to sleep and wakes up at the same time as all her older brothers and so sometimes randomly falls asleep in strange places.  I have never seen her sleep standing up before...maybe she is part horse!