Sunday, November 04, 2012

Our "scary" October

 Bethany with some of her friends at our preschool Halloween party.

 She is wearing a Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast.  It came with a wig that kept falling off and a Mrs. Pots bag to get candy in.  She was truly in heaven wearing this princess dress.

 Cameron on Halloween after trick or treating with the Casillas family.  He took his costume off as soon as he got home so I didn't get a picture of it, but he was Pikachu again this year.  He still loves his Pokemon.

 This is our homemade Creeper costume for Wesley (from Minecraft).  He went to his first dance at Staley (his middle school) and got to wear his costume there.  He was a big hit! There was always a small mob following him around in awe.  Luckily, the dance was only called a dance because they played music.  No one danced together and absolutely no slow songs were played.  Mom was relieved and so was Wesley. :)

 I saw this on Pinterest so I just had to try it.  Pineapples are a lot easier to carve than pumpkins.   I think it looks pretty creepy and perfect for Halloween.

 Here is Wesley's Creeper jack o' lantern and...
 Carter's just right jack o' lantern face.  Cameron was not in on much of the action.  He has never been a fan of cleaning out the goop inside the pumpkins.  He was creating his own Pokemon cards (he is very creative and quite a good artist).

 Dad, Wesley and Carter playing soccer on our front lawn.  Cam was spending the night at Gram's house.

 And, here is our awesome soccer player.  He really is so fun to watch.  He is aggressive and athletic on both offense and defense.

 One of the moms made this cake for our end of the season soccer party.  So cute!

 And the biggest news of all is that Bethany finally decided to go "Pee-Pee" in the potty.  She has been "poppy" trained for more than 6 months and just didn't want to do the "pee-pee".  She will not go to Kindergarten in a diaper...we were a little worried.  It was getting pretty pathetic because she would almost change her own diaper all on her own.  So, we are thrilled that she finally chose to be a big girl.  In the same week, she also decided to start sleeping in her big girl bed.  Although it is sad to see her grow up, there are some good things about it. :)  It's crazy to think that we are done with the crib and diaper stage.