Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family pictures 2009

Here is a link to our latest family pictures. It has been a while since we have had them taken as a whole family. Ciera Boyd (one of my former seminary students) took our pictures and she did a great job...we love them. A few crazy things happened however.

We took the pictures by a little stream in the woods and Wesley, of course, fell in. He also could not stop throwing things and managed to throw a rotten horse apple into the water right by all of us. Yes, Wesley is our oldest child! My new WHITE jacket (that I spent a lot of money on--way more than I ever do for clothes) got rotten horse apple stains. It went through the dry cleaning process 4 times and there are still small stains that you can barely see...thankfully. Ken and Ciera also got horse apple on them.

Second, Ken and Wesley picked up poison ivy. Ken got it so bad that one of his arms was twice the size of his other and he has been on oral steroids for almost two weeks. He had to bathe twice a day and put several ointments on and we got to do laundry non-stop, washing everything he wore or touched for over a week. Gratefully, Wesley's wasn't quite so bad, but he did have a spot on his face that everyone at school asked about constantly.

Good thing we like the pictures :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Utah Trip

We had a great time spending two weeks in Utah with family and friends. Enjoy the pictures:

Utah 2009