Monday, October 06, 2008

It's a...

Girl! After making the sonogram technician verify it for us a few times, we finally came out of our shock and believed it! We are all so excited to be able to soon welcome a baby girl to our family. I went and had lunch with the Wesley and Cameron at school to tell them the news and they were both beaming! Wesley said, "Yes!" over and over again and Cameron just hugged and kissed me several times!

Carter will not call the baby "baby" anymore. The baby is officially "the girl." He had his own special picture of the sonogram and this is a picture of him protecting it from the rain when we came out of the doctor's office. Our little girl better get used to being protected by her three big brothers!

This is Wesley (2nd grade) and Cameron (Kindergarten) after their first day of school! They both really love their teachers and have a lot of fun with their friends in class.

The Beams came up and visited with us - it was a lot of fun. As you can see, Nikolas is growing well - he is becoming a pretty big kid!

When the Beams were here, we found out that an old friend of Steve (Wendy's brother) moved in just a couple of miles away from us, so we went over and had a lot of fun at their house. As you can see, the main form of entertainment was something like "Attack Uncle Kim".

The next day we went to the Dallas zoo, where the boys had a lot of fun looking at animals, and the zoo animals got to look at these strange Crow boys who love to make goofy faces.

When it got really warm, they got in their swim trunks and swam in the wading river at the zoo.

A big highlight for the boys was when we did the "Touch a ray" exhibit - there were stingrays in a pool that you could pet. The boys were convinced that they were better at handling animals than the late Steve Irwin since they left the experience unscathed.

Finally, they loved posing on the bronze Elephants - what fun!


And - Cameron turned 6! He is wearing a t-shirt from Boomerang's - a place like pump-it-up. Although in this picture he looks like he's not having any fun, he and his friends all had a blast!

Finally - this is one of maybe 50 pictures that Cameron and Wesley took when they got hold of the camera without telling us. This particular one struck us as pretty funny for some reason, so we had to post it.
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