Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January Happenings

Wesley got his Bear, several arrow points and his Religious Square Knot at Pack Meeting this month. He is now inWebelos.

We had a b-day party for Wesley at Main Event where he, his brothers and friends got to do lots of fun boys things.

They ate pizza...

Sang Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs...

Rode on virtual rides and played video games...

Played laser tag. Wesley is definitely ready for fight.

They also conquered a obstacle course that was 10 ft. off the ground.

Bethany followed Nathan (our next door neighbor) around the whole night saying, "Nathan, Nathan!" I think it is her first crush. Boy are we in trouble!

Hanging out with daddy. She loves her daddy so much. Whenever he is around she is right next to him or in his arms!

Bethany spent most of the month fighting a cold and of course this was the worst. I just couldn't resist taking the picture. Sorry if it makes you sick! Doesn't she just look sweet?

This is our static girl! The weather is so dry and cold (temps in the teens for highs and ice everywhere--the kids were out of school for two days going on three) that her hair just went crazy.