Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Break and More

Carter went to a Harry Potter party for one of his friends and he wore this the rest of the night. He kind of looks like Harry Potter. A week later when Gram was cutting his hair he told her to not cut it too short because he still wanted to look like Harry Potter.

We went to a little town just SW of Ft. Worth called Glenrose for Spring Break. It's a small town but it has a huge Dinosaur park. Don't you love Cameron's dramatic face?

Bethany was almost eaten by a dinosaur. We were surprised that she was brave enough to do this!

Now they are all scared of the T-Rex, Bethany is the only one not acting!

They all got to dig for fossils and they each got to keep three of the ones they found.

Then we went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, which was hundreds of acres of African wildlife just roaming around. You drive through it and some of the animals actually come up to your car and you can feed them. It was a big hit for everyone!

They also had a petting zoo where Bethany spent almost the whole time brushing all the goats.

Cameron is a little taller than a Zebra.

Bethany is as tall as a Cheetah.

Wesley is as tall as a Emu.

Carter is as tall as a Zebra.

Here are some of the animals we saw:

I think this fellow was the one that poked our van twice with it's awesome horns.

This little guy was quite brave. Even Wesley was a bit intimidated.

We also saw ostrich, zebras, and lots of other kinds of antelope.

This was a hole in the wall burger place called "The Fried Pickle." But, it was very tasty...and greasy.

The king of the rock! This hick town even had a state park with huge rocks that the kids could climb all over and a river running through it to play in. The best part was that it was free!

The Princess of the rock! She was right in there with all her brothers.

Cameron found this place very therapeutic :)

On March 31st after the kids were in bed, Ken and I were busy putting mustaches (with washable marker) on our children's faces, painting our boys toes pink (they wouldn't let us take a picture), toilet papering their room, and stuffing the toes of their shoes with newspaper. We had the light on and everything and not one of them was even close to waking up. We had a great time and the kids thought it was a lot of fun!