Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 2014

We had a late St. Patrick's Day party at the end of March where everyone wears green and brought a green appetizer.  Yes, I squeezed myself into that mermaid costume and won the costume contest! We played some fun games and enjoyed each others company.

Emily Turano and I threw a surprise b-day party for Kathryn Smith and it was a great success.  Lots of people came and she felt special!
My children continue to amaze me with the creative ways they come up with to play with their toys.
We had a wedding shower for Sarah Beus at my house.  It was fun to see her so happy and excited to start her new life in small town in Cananda, a new husband and 6 instant daughters.
We now have 4 scouts in the family.  We are loving Rugby's new look! :)
We went to a "cheesy" party at the Ellis' house.  We wore cheesy outfits, brought cheesy foods and played a cheesy game (which Ken and I won by the way).  These are our friends that won the cheesy costume award.
We discovered the dog Park in Frisco and I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the dog?
Our sweet little girl enjoying the nature out by Gram's house!

Yes, this hail actually fell from the sky right onto our house.  Needless to say, we had to get a new roof.  Insurance paid for it, so that was good!  I was at a Relief Society Presidency orientation meeting that night where the hail was just as big and miraculously my van did not have dents.  I guess it was protected because I was in the right place! :)
This is my girly-girl that also happens to be a tomboy. But who wouldn't be if you had three older brothers?  That is mud by the way and there is some on her face too! Crazy girl!

Bethany and I went and helped out with Environmental Day for Carter's 2nd grade class.  It was actually chilly in the morning, but we got sunburns later on.  Sylvia Wade and I were in charge of the station that read the book The Giving Tree about how a tree sacrificed itself for a person.  We were supposed to talk about tall the things the tree gave to the boy and it was so hard for me to not bring in the values that the book taught and that the tree was symbolic of Jesus Christ.  So hard, that I did bring up those things.  The school can't get mad at me because we were at a park and not on school property! :)

Now here's the girly-girl at in her costume and at her Spring Recital with no mud! :)

We got to watch Cameron in his Rogers Rhythmic Concert.  Only 30/110 students in the 5th grade got invited to be in this group.  They sing, dance and play lots of fun rhythmic instruments.  Cameron was all smiles every time he saw us with the Cameron!  What a ham!