Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wendy goes to Arizona

Wendy and Carter were able to go to Phoenix for a few days to be with my mom while she babysat my sister Leslie’s little boy. Leslie and Kim went on a cruise—so jealous. Carter and I surprised my mom by showing up at my sister’s door at 9:00 p.m. It was a nice relaxing time just visiting and letting Conner and Carter play together.

“Nanny” bought the boys T-shirts that said, “My Grandma is hot.” She does look hot and she was hot in that Arizona heat.

We went to the Glendale Library storytime with the boys.

They really weren’t locked in the pack ‘n’ play the whole time—we promise.

Diaper Dudes!

When Carter and I were at the airport flying back to Dallas, my dad was flying into Phoenix. It was fun to get to see and talk with him, but way too short.

Faces only a mother could love?

Strapped in the back seat of Gram’s car ready to go have a sleepover, these are typical faces of Wesley, Cameron, and Carter. Their expressions really show off their personalitites.

"What’s up, Doc?”

“O.K., you can have anything you want,” says Mom.

Big Hug!

Sporting Times

With three boys in our family, sporting events seem to be a common occurrence. Here are some of our latest:


Wesley in his second season of being a Gator. Do you think he is intense enough?

Cameron after his first season of playing on the Thunder. He is the token white boy on the team.

Collecting Bugs

We don’t know if this is actually a sport, but it sure seems like it at the Crow house. We always have at least 3 or 4 insects in our “bug jug” and at least one cocoon.


Hey, Olympics here’s a future rings gold medalist: Carter Crow.


Yes, our children are strong and intimidating and always have lots of fun wrestling with daddy.

Carter has a promising future as a Luchador – look out Nacho Libre!

Car Racing

The movie Cars has inspired some young Nascar amateurs.