Sunday, June 02, 2013

May 2013

Carter finished another amazing season in soccer with his team the Frisco United.  His coach, Stuart Joy and his family are moving to West Texas so we will really miss them, but Ken will join the ranks and be the assistant coach.  Carter is really excited about that!
The night that the boys went camping with Ken for the Priesthood Commemoration, Bethany and I went and got pedicures.  She liked it OK (asked a few times when they were going to be done--she's still probably a little young), but our toes sure looked great!

Our sweet little ballerina!  All dressed up in her costume and ready for her recital!
Bethany with her two friends from church (Kenna and Peyton) that she also dances with.

She did so well at her recital (she even told me she did it perfectly) that she even got a dozen red roses from her brothers just back from camping and smelling like it as well. :) 
Mom helping out at the end of the year Staley carnival.  All of us PTA volunteers really enjoyed the trikes they rented maybe even more than the kids.

Wesley putting his muscle and body into the tug-of-war.  He got nice and wet and muddy too.  That's our Wes.
We went down and saw the Beams and the Putnams over Memorial Day weekend.  We couldn't step into the room were Nikolas was because he finally got a kidney transplant...yeah!!! and can't be around a lot a people.  We got to see Nanny too!  She was down helping the Beams.

Bethany and Carmendy always have a fun time together.  They are just cute friends!
Wesley (the oldest Walton grandchild) and Zachary (the second to youngest Walton grandchild by just a few days) having some bonding time. :)

Cameron is always so sweet and kind to all of his cousins.  He took care of Carmendy while we were eating at Chili's after the splash pad and park.

Having fun at the Putnam family's block party.  There was lots of food too!
Carter was loving this trike.  He was cruising around really fast all over the driveway and cul-de-sac at the Putnams house.  Maybe a great idea for his upcoming birthday?
It's always a great time playing at the Putnams pool.  The Beams and Nanny also came to join in the action.  Unfortunately, the boys got sunburned really bad :(
Bethany enjoying the chickens in one of our friends from the ward's back yard.  She even got to hold an egg which was the highlight for her.  I was just glad she didn't drop it.

Bethany got a hold of the camera and took several pictures of herself and other random things.  This is the only picture that actually looked kind of cute!
Cameron receiving his end of year award for Creative Writing.  He really does write great stories.  He also got 100% on the Reading portion of the STARR test this year and way over advanced on the other sections too.
Cameron with some of his best friends from school:  Logan, Nathan, Breanna and Alex.  His teacher below for 4th grade was Mrs. Miller.  Now, on to 5th grade (just one more year of Elementary)!

Carter also got an award, but my camera didn't have the battery in it when I went to take a picture.  He got the high integrity award for his class and we are so proud of him.  He had a great year with his friends and wonderful teacher, Mrs. Garis.
This is Bethany with all her preschool friends at their end of the year pool party.
Wesley at his first swim meet for the year.  He did well for just getting started back into swimming.  Ken is also doing swim team and maybe he'll go to State this year in Corpus Christie.