Thursday, February 02, 2012

Finishing 2011

The Beams came up and joined us for Thanksgiving. Dick and Rhonda also came to our house for a change (they had just got back from Gram Cox's funeral). This was the kids table. Each of them made turkeys and they put what they were grateful for on the feathers.

This was the adult's table. No turkeys here! I finally got a new set of dishes and glasses that all match thanks to Rhonda (it was an early Christmas present... very needed).

We actually got a video of Bethany feeding Carmendy mashed potatoes. It was very cute, but unfortunately it ended in tears for Carmendy because Bethany just kept shoving in the bites even when she already had a full mouth.

Here's the spread!

Obviously, enjoying stuffing ourselves. I needed all the energy since Luddy and I went late night shopping at Wal-mart and rummaged through all the returns items that they weren't able to re-shelf yet. We felt like we were homeless looking through dumpsters, but we found a lot of great deals.

Carmendy also celebrated her 2nd b-day with us. The Elmo cake Luddy made was a big hit!

Two darling little girls!! Kim looks OK too :)

You can't help but smile...can you?

We also went and saw a model train exhibit at one of the malls here in Dallas. All the proceeds go to help the Ronald McDonald House, so even though it was a bit expensive it was worth it!

Bethany is definitely ready for Christmas. She was so excited when we were decorating the house. She actually squealed with delight when we brought the tree out!

At the beginning of December, Wesley spent 2 nights and 3 days at Sky Ranch (a 5th grade camp). If you know Wesley, you know he absolutely loved it and was completely in his element. Ken was also able to go as a chaperone.

Ken told me that he was actually kind of the ham of the group!

Still playing Peek-a-boo at age 10!

Eleven 5th grade boys all in one cabin. It's amazing anyone slept.

My cousin Kimberlie and I went to California to see a hormone specialist and we stayed with her mother-in-law. We were able to do a few other actual fun things while we were there. It was great to be with her and just chat.

We went to the LA temple and the new visitors center they have there.

We also got a personalized tour of Dream Works from my cousin Mark Walton. It was to see Mark and the tour was fascinating. Plus, we got a free lunch!

Bethany is enjoying her dancing class. Parents were able to visit their class right before Christmas to see how they are doing. They weren't the best dancers, but they were so dang cute!

This is her teacher, "Miss Lisa." She is actually in our stake and was in our stake back in Lewisville as well too. We were in the same ward at one time as well. She is so good with all the little girls.

We had a neighborhood Christmas party at our house where we ate, played games and had a fun white elephant exchange.

Christmas at Gram's house before we left for Utah!

When we got to Utah, we stayed at Jake and Camie's house first. The first night we got there, Ken's dad (Grandpa Crow) gave the kids their Christmas presents early. They sure were needed for the cold Utah weather that we are not used to anymore.

We celebrated Conner's b-day at Planet Play. All the kids had a great time!

We had a great time staying at Camie's house. We also got to stay with Craig and Angeli in their new home (which was really nice).

Carter loved the Vanholten's dog Tanner. We caught him loving on him several times. Luckily Tanner is a really mellow dog since he is pretty much bigger than two of our children.

We also went to visit BYU with David and Sara before they left for Texas. It was fun to see our old stomping grounds. The kids liked the Eyring Science Center the best!

Bethany got into Angeli's jewelry while we were staying there...doesn't she just look beautiful?

We also went and watched a BYU basketball game. We had nose bleed seats, but BYU won and that's all that matters if you have any Walton blood in you.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house. Here are all the Walton grandkids excited to let the festivities begin.

Of course, my dad had to have a treasure hunt. It lead to a big bag of dollar store items that we each divided up among ourselves.

Nanny and Papa got all the grandchildren new jammies. Don't they look so cute?

All the grandchildren drew names to exchange gifts, so we did that on Christmas Eve as well.

Bethany and Carmendy with their Christmas dresses on ready after church on Christmas morning.

Looking foward to a great 2012!