Monday, April 07, 2014

March 2014

Over Spring Break this year, Carter got to bring Flat Stanley around with us everywhere!  Flat Stanley even helped him clean the toilet! 
We stayed in a Marriot hotel close to Sea World in San Antonio.  Only two queen beds, 3 to a times!
After only swimming for about 20 minutes, Bethany pooped her pants.  Yes, the girl that has been potting trained for 2 years now.  So, we had to tell everyone in the pool to get out and the pool was "Closed for Maintenance" the rest of the time we were there.  Whoops!
Look at the amazing dolphin jump in the background.  This was one of our favorite Sea World sites!
The sharks were pretty cool too!
There were various sculptures like this of different sea creatures that were all made out of trash that were found in the ocean.  It is amazing, but kind of disgusting the there is that much garbage in our oceans.  This was made of mostly water bottles.
We had a great time together as a family!  We ate cereal in the hotel that we got from Wal-mart, brought our own lunches and went out to dinner each night.  We especially liked Chili's where we pretty much licked our plates clean with 4 bowls of chips and salsa, our entrees and two desserts.  We were laughing at our piggish appetites. 
There were also come really fun rides to go on.  Beth, Cam and I stuck to the little kid rides, but Carter, dad and Wes went on the big Roller Coasters.  Carter was the winner going on one of them 7 times in a row!

Shamu, of course, was amazing!  We didn't get splashed...thanks goodness!
Chilling out in the pet show (including dogs, rats, cats, pigs and mice)!
We stayed until closing one night and the boys just about fell asleep on the huge netting playground.  
We loved Sea World!

Got to go walk around the grounds of the San Antonio temple.  It is very pretty!  We went to the Open House with Wesley and Cameron when they were 3 and 1.  I remember Wesley telling us as we drove up to the temple for the Open House, "I can't wait to feel the spirit in the temple!"  Then he proceeded to run around the temple touching everything!  He said he felt the spirit though!
Hanging out at the mall playground with the Putnams and the Fords.
We also went ice skating with an amazing Groupon offer.  All my kids loved it, but Bethany was awesome. It was her first time going ice skating and it was hard to get her to stop.  She fell a lot, but she just got right back up.  What a tough girl!

Girl's night out at 5th St. Cafe!
Our awesome soccer player, playing in the rain with Flat Stanley!

Beautiful double rainbow that we took a picture of from Gram's new house balcony!  They moved out of our house and into theirs at the end of February!
Kids are still loving Rugby and Rugs loves all the hugs he can get! :)