Sunday, September 16, 2012

Houston, Austin & Camp Out

Just a week before school started, we went to Houston to visit our great friends and also my sister and her family. 
We all had a great time swimming in their pool and just hanging out together. 

It is a wonderful blessing to have such great friends.

Aren't these girly cousins so feminine?  At least they are having fun!  They really are cute together!

Wesley received his Arrow of Light award last November, but they finally did a really cool Native American ceremony, painted his face, and gave him this arrow.

We also got to visit some great friends in Austin.  We went boating on Lake Travis and the kids enjoyed using the boat as a diving board.

Even Bethany got in on the action.  She is way braver than me...good thing she got some of Ken in her.

Our children played so well together and especially since it was Sunday and they had to find creative fun instead of just turning to technology to entertain themselves.

We loved seeing their new home, the west hill country of Austin and eating their famous Brazilian rice and beans, yum!

We stayed at some other friends in Austin as well and even though we love them just as much, this is the only picture we got of them (actually just one of them).  I guess we were just tired out by the end of the weekend.

Ken did his first Olympic Triathlon in downtown Austin.  Our friend did a sprint triathlon.  Ken didn't place very high over all, but he finished and survived the 105 degree weather.  He did place 12th in swimming out of 150 in his age group and 60th overall (about 900 people) so we are very proud of him!

Bethany on her first day of FunShine Express co-op preschool.  There are 5 children from our ward that are in it (two boys and three girls).  Each of us moms takes a week to teach.  Bethany also started up ballet again and was wondering if the two boys that are in her preschool were going to be taking dance with her?

Wesley and Ken got to go on an 11 year old camp out.  He invited one of his good friends who is not part of the troop and they had a blast even during their service project.

It seems as though I have a picture of Wesley with some kind of big disgusting creature crawling on him for each year of his life.  I'm surprised he has made it to 11 years old.

Here's most of the group minus one boy and two adults and here is Wesley acting like the curious, crazy pre-teen I have grown to love! (I have always loved him just getting used to the crazy pre-teen stuff has been he likes to listen to the latest pop songs loudly on the radio).