Sunday, July 01, 2007

Graduation and Summer Fun

Cameron celebrating the last day of preschool with his friends. They couldn't even put down their snow cones for the picture.
Wesley graduates from Kindergarten

Wesley really enjoyed Kindergarten. Maybe if he hides in his locker he won't have to leave.

Cameron and Carter really love Kindergarten too!

Wesley with some of his friends in his class.
You have no idea how many shots we had to take to get everyone looking. O.K. if you have young kids maybe you do know!

Mrs. Kenyon was an incredible teacher. She made Wesley's first experience in school a great one. We hope we are blessed with another good teacher for his first grade year.
At the end of May/beginning of June we went to Branson, Mo with the Mons family. It was beautiful and lots of fun. Here we are being "ducks" with the quacking beaks they gave us when we "Rode the Ducks." A "Duck" is an amphibious vehicle that was invented by a woman and used in World War II. We went on a tour of Branson in this vehicle on both land and water. The children especially liked quacking their beaks much to the dismay of the adults.

Each of the children got a turn to steer the "duck" while in the lake.We went to an amusement park called Silver Dollar City. Wesley and Logan loved riding the kid's roller coaster. Look how brave they are--holding up their hands!

Cameron still tells us that he is going to marry Mariah some day.

Carter had fun holding "baby" Harrison who was almost the same size as him. I don't know how much Harrison liked it?
They definitely both enjoyed playing at the lake.

Sitting on the crocodile at the Dallas zoo with the Putnams.

You just can't get better friends than this. We had so much fun visiting with Tyler and Robyn while they were here in Texas and we are so grateful for our friends that are still here with us in Texas (Don and Jill).
After all the caterpillars we have kept in our house, we finally saw the fruits of our labors--a beautiful butterfly!

A visit to Petland always makes the kids smile!

Makes mom very nervous!
And keeps us all entertained. This was Carter's permanent position while he stared, pointed, and played with all the puppies in each cage.