Saturday, December 07, 2013

November 2013

 Our thankful tree has all of our hand prints with things were are thankful for written on them.  We had to guess who was who's.  The easiest ones to guess was "spinning things", "my kidney", "Lamborghinis", and "binkies."
 The adult kids fixed up my chair all soft and cozy with pillows and blankets (so thoughtful) since I threw out my back while bathing Bethany.
 Such a big boy taking some of his very own steps and...
 turning one year old.  He was much more interested in the candle than the cake.  He did not want to touch it or eat it.  When big brother finally took his hand and smashed it in the cake, he cried and turned away from the cake.  He wouldn't even look at it.  Such a cutie, but a little stinker too :)
 Went to a Texas Legends (farm team for Dallas Mavericks) game.  The Legends were down by at least 10 and up to 20 the whole first half, but they made a great come back in the 2nd half to win 113-106.  Great game!
 Lots of fun activities at the game...very kid friendly (except for the immodest cheerleaders).  We made it onto the Jumbo Tron and even caught a T-shirt.
 We were able to go down on the court afterwards and meet the players.  We had one of the players sign our T-shirt. Yes, we are missing Beth in the picture.  She stayed home with the younger Beams and some good friends of ours (the Boarders) babysat them for us.  They were so brave to babysit since they only have teenagers and they had 4 kiddos ages 1-5 to take care of and put to bed. 
 JCPenney is a big sponsor on the Texas Legends.  Ken is showing his work pride!  Hope JCP stays around at least a little longer.
 Cute Sunday best girls!
 And their mommies!
 Needless to say, Bethany was very excited to decorate our house with Christmas decor.  She is also very practical...they are stockings right?
 So Wednesday the high was 78 degrees and by Thursday night it was sleeting/icing. Friday and Saturday everything was canceled because there is a thick layer of ice on everything including the roads.  The kids had literally been praying for snow/ice and were up and out at 7:30 a.m. both Friday and Saturday playing in the snow.  They much get that from their dad, because I watched from the window in my warm house!

 Cameron and Bethany picked me a frozen rose.  It really was beautiful and it still smelled amazing!