Sunday, November 06, 2011

All Over in October

We went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival, but because it was so windy the balloons were not able to go up, so we enjoyed the rest of the festivities. The definite favorite was the petting zoo. And yes, these are llamas. I just had to post this picture because they look like they are posing so well.

Right after I took this picture the Llama actually grabbed the whole cup of food right out of Carter's hand. Then we noticed there were about 10 other empty cups in his pen. He's a sneaky one!

Wesley with a chicken. I never think of chickens as a nice cuddly animal to hold but he was quite enthralled with it!

There were lots of goats, bunnies, geese and guinea pigs and a pot bellied pig as well. All the animals were very nice to each other and because it was kind of cold and windy they were all intermixed just snuggly together.

Cameron and Carter were most interested in the little chicks. They spent most of the time chasing them and trying to grab them.

I had never seen a brown sheep before, but they had one and it was really soft. Bethy loved it!

They loved the rides!'

This was actually a pretty scary ride on a pirate ship. It went up and down really high, but Wesley survived!

There was a car show of old restored cars. This was the only car that you could even touch, let alone get in. It was restored by a 13 year old girl and it looked like the perfect size for our children.

All the cars were so neat, shiny and pristine. It was amazing! We liked them so much we decided to sell our mini van and buy this old 1923 Model T as our new family car. We thought it was a very practical move.

Here are our very tired children after a couple of hours of trick or treating...way too much candy. But all of our children were so willing to share with mom and dad our favorites. They gave me almost all their Twix and Kit-Kats and Ken got almost all their Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers. What great kids :)

Here are the full costumes: Hiccup (from How to Train A Dragon), Pikachu (Cameron's favorite Pokemon), A Dragon (from How to Train a Dragon), and Cinderella (our little princess).

We went to the Dallas Arboretum with the Tayyari family and it was very beautiful with pumpkins everywhere!

Wesley was kind of rude to spew all this water from his mouth at the other guests.

There were lots of little houses and cottages there that were mostly made of pumpkins (you can't see them in this picture, but there are some pretty cute little kids peeking through the windows.

The wicked witch of the west was there and surprisingly Bethany and Carter were not afraid of her even when she cackled.

The whole fam in front of a cool water fall! There were actually two weddings there that day as well, so it seemed like we were seeing brides, grooms, bride maids and groomsmen all over the place. A beautiful place for a wedding!

We went to the pumpkin patch by our old stomping grounds in Flower Mound when the kids had a day off school. We took some of our new friends from Frisco and saw some of our old friends from Lewisville. Cameron and Lillian Lloyd were very excited to see each other!

Bethany riding the tractor--so feminine.

Carter continues to play his heart out at all his soccer games and scores and blocks goals all the time.
Here is a picture of his team. We have enjoyed all the wonderful families on this team!

Ken and I went to a dress up party at the Empey's house (we're nerds if you can't tell). Part of the party was going on a road rally/scavenger hunt type thing and one of the requirements was to hitchhike. Luckily no one picked us up!

Bethany is still enjoying dance and likes to stay in her dance outfit all day long!

Our cute little pumpkin!

Bethany loved being Cinderella and she got to go to the parade at JC Penney, the trunk or treat at church and trick or treating to get candy. She was fully loaded.

Cameron received his Wolf Badge at the last Pack Meeting. We are so proud of him!

He is now officially a Bear.

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