Monday, September 26, 2011

Good times in September

On Labor day, I met up with some great friends in Lewisville and we went and saw "The Help." It was a great movie and most of us were crying at some point. I read the book and loved it and I even loved the movie...which is saying a lot. We had lunch afterwards.

Bethany started dance with a lady that used to be in our ward in Lewisville and now lives over here in our stake. She does a great job with all the little girls and Bethany was so excited to start!

As you can tell, I am definitely used to being a boy mom. I put her leotard on backwards and I didn't even think to get here a tutu!

So thanks to Yunhi (a wonderful lady I visit teach) and her husband, they bought her a tutu and we were saved. I got her one too :)

Bethany is also participating in a play group co-op with a bunch of children her age in the ward. No, we don't just put them in jail during the play time. This is just a cool jungle gym the Combs have in their house for the kids to play on.

Cameron turned "9" and had a fun Harry Potter b-day party at our house. We started out with a Harry Potter quiz and some snacks like: Petrified witch fingers (pretzels), house elf brains (big marshmallows), Hedwig droppings (raisins), Buckbeak food (popcorn), Every flavor jelly beans and of course Butter Beer (Cream Soda). They also each had a Harry Potter character on their back and they had to ask yes or no questions to guess who they were.

Here is the whole group before they got sorted into their different houses.

Wesley's reaction when the sorting hat told him he was in Slytherin...ouch!

Cameron's reaction to being told he was in "Griffindor." We played games around our "womping willow" (weeping willow), a version of quidditch, cast spells on each other, and played hide and seek with and "invisibility cloak."

Then from youngest to oldest we hit the Dumbledore hat pinata.

Luckily, everyone got a turn and here is the mad rush to get the candy! They were actually pretty nice because I told them 15 pieces each.

We opened presents and Cameron scored with some really nice gifts...he has such generous friends.

Then he blew out his candles and we had brownies and ice cream. I am still finding stuck brownie pieces on hidden in random places on my tile floor. It was a great party :)

We had a little party at Gram's house the next day, so the celebrating continued.

One FHE night we started out with couch acrobats and caught some pretty cool pictures. Needless to say, it was a little hard to get them calmed back down for a lesson. Also, Bethany had a little cut on her ankle that started bleeding and so there was little drops of blood all over the floor and couch, so we all spent 15 minutes with wet rags scrubbing up the blood ( a fun FHE work project).


Emlizw said...

So much fun!! I love reading about your family adventures.
Sorry I wasn't able to make it up to see you. I got in around 7 on Firday and most of Saturday was spent in Sheridan with my friends mom and talking about my friend.Maybe next time for sure.
I hope to see you and your cute family soon

Robyn said...

Love this post. That party looks so fun..way to go!