Thursday, April 07, 2011

March Happenings

Yes, our two year old knows how to use Ken's IPod touch and loves playing all the games. Watch her have fun...

We had not been to the temple grounds for a while so we took a Friday night and went down to feel the spirit of the temple grounds. We weren't the most reverent family as the children were running around with all their excitement, but they did enjoy themselves. I think God understands!

The Putnams came to visit over Spring Break. We always have a great time playing and catching up with them. Bethany couldn't keep away from Ben. She like to snuggle with him any chance she got. Ben was really good with her!

This is Bethany in nursery surrounded by bubbles...she loves it!


Emlizw said...
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Emlizw said...

Wow Bethany's two & has mastered the Ipod touch. She's one up on me. She looks so adorable playing with it. I love your cute family. It's so fun to see pics & read about all the fun things you do together.