Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bethany's B-day

This is our crazy little girl in one of the boy's bike helmets and mommy's shoes. She loves to try on anyone's hats (or helmets) and shoes.

This is Carter's 2nd season of soccer and he is continuing to make us proud with his aggressive play. We took lots of pictures but this is the only one that really turned out well. More to come later!

This is my favorite way to do Bethany's hair (well I don't actually like doing it cuz it takes a long time and she squirms around a lot) but it just turns out so cute.

On President's day the Beams were in town and we got to go to a free session of jumping and sliding at "Pump it Up." These are our sweaty but happy kids after the playing.

We went to the BYU-TCU basketball game to see Jimmer and the Cougars famous team this year. They did not disapoint us!

This is Bethany's Birthday cookie that Gram got for her. We all enjoyed gobbling it up!

When you ask Bethany how old she is, she doesn't answer until she can get her two fingers up (which at first took 30 seconds or more). But once she gets it, she holds it up proudly with a big smile and says, "two!"

We all had to help Bethie blow out the candles, she pretty much just spit on them :( Luckily the cake was just for our family.

Carter was quite the big boy to light the candles!

She got a puppy named Violet that sings and talks to her and even knows her name...I think I like it more than she does, it's darling!

One night, Beth opened her hair accessories drawer (yes, we have one of those in our kitchen) and one by one excitedly brought over each bow. She would give it to me and then point to a spot on her head where she wanted me to put it. I would put it in her hair and she would exclaim,"Yeah, bow!" and go get the next one. This is the adorable finished project. Maybe we will try it for church next time!


Emlizw said...

Haha I love the last photo Bethany looks stinking cute. I love reading about your cute family.

Robyn said...

Loved catching up on your posts... things are moving along for us... hope to see you soon :)