Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Showers" of Pictures for April

Nanny and Papa and the Beams came for a visit in April. We are always so grateful to be able to be with family when we can.

The boys went fishing and each of them caught at least two fish (although we threw them all back). They were so excited and a very successful fishing trip in my opinion...because we didn't have to deal with cleaning and/or cooking the fish.

The little girl cousins are starting to play together more and more. I took them to our ward play at the park.

The Putnams came up to see a doctor here in Frisco and we went to a farm for the day.
They also came with us to our ward camp out--it is always fun to have them come for a visit.

This is one of my young women...who is graduating soon :( at our ward camp out. She has a niece that is the same age as Bethany and they are good friends.

Coloring eggs at Gram's house on Easter.

Bethany and Whitney in their Easter dresses.

Both Wesley and Cameron had a great time at the Pinewood Derby. Their cars did really well, but not quite well enough to place (they are both convinced however that they were 4th and 5th).

One of the soccer moms made an amazing cake for the end of the year soccer party. Each players soccer jersey was on the cake in frosting.

We also rented a bounce house for the party--they had a blast!

Cameron got to take "Chocolate Chip" home (his classroom monkey) for the week. He got to come to the dentist with us and here are some things we did with him.


Jessica said...

Hi, Wendy,

This is Jessica Wescott. We purchased our home from you guys last year. I have been trying to find you on the web since January and stumbled upon your blog today. I felt so bad that our house was such a mess when you stopped by to pick up the wet suit in December. I wanted to invite you to guys to drop by the next time you are in the area. We have made a lot of changes to the house and would love for you to see them!

Hope you & your family are doing well!

Emlizw said...

Yay fun pics of your cute family!
I can't believe how grown up they are all getting.
It's so fun to read about your cute family.