Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ring in the holidays

It's hard to believe another year is drawing to a close, and we will bid it farewell with many fond memories. 2006 gave us something to remember it by, however - snow in Texas during November! The boys were very excited, but unfortunately, it was just a skiff on the grass, and it was too dry to pack and make snowballs or snowmen, but we had fun in it anyhow.

It was pretty cold here (for Texas), so we took advantage of the situation by snuggling up and building a fire at Gram's house (the Normans).

Then there was the Christmas parade. Wesley and Cameron solicited people in the parade to give them candy by holding out their Santa hats and trying to look hungry.

Later that week, Wendy and I were able to play grown-ups by dressing up and having a fun night at my company party. It's such a rarity that we do things like that any more - it was a real treat!

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