Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kids say the darndest things...

Our boys always keep us smiling, and Wendy has been good about writing down the funny things they say and do. Those records are already becoming real family treasures, so we thought we would share a few of them with you.


Out of the blue, Wesley once asked: "Do vampires have pet mosquitoes?"

Once Wesley looked at his toys, and asked "Does it say 'Made in China'?" I told him it did, and he said "Oh my gosh, like all my toys are made in China. Are all the people there Santa's elves or something?"

For family home evening, we were working on saying new things in our prayers, not just repeating the same old ones. So in his next prayer, Wesley prayed "please help us that we won't kill anyone". Fortunately, that prayer has been answered so far.

One night I burped without closing my mouth, and Wesley quickly rebuked me: "Dad, if you keep burping with your mouth open you're going to have to go talk to the bishop".

Out of the blue, Wesley said "Pigs are so lucky!". When I asked him why, he said "Because they get to play in the mud all the time."


We were helping our friends move, and Cameron wanted to go in and play. Wendy explained that there wasn't anything fun inside because all their toys were boxed up, and his friend Logan wasn't even there. Cameron then asked "Is Logan all boxed up?".

Cameron wanted to know exactly how old he was, and Wendy told him he was 3 years and 8 months. He said "Wow. I am two things. That's pretty big for a little guy!"

At dinner, I was going to say the prayer, and Cameron asked "can you say a long one so my biscuit can cool off?". I guess my reputation preceeds me.

Wendy and Cameron were talking about babies and how he really wants to have a sister, and said "Mommy, only boys come out of your tummy, we'll have to go to a different guy's house to get a girl" - Umm, probably no.

We were talking about how animals are useful to us, and he said, "Yeah, chickens give us french fries and pigs give us mud". Guess it's time to visit a real farm.

When we went to a chior concert, Carter would clap with everybody after the numbers were over. When Cameron saw this, he said "Look, Carter thinks he won!"


Carter isn't saying much yet, but he still cracks us up. Whenever I'm on the computer, he walks up and pulls my hand off of the mouse, saying "no no no", and he proceeds to move the mouse around and click. I have no idea where he gets this strange affinity for computers from.

On Halloween, Carter would walk up to the houses with his bucket and knock on the door. When the people would open it, he would walk right into their house, hold his bucket out for candy, then turn around when he got something in it, and say "nay new" for thank-you, and walk out. He's a real pro already.

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