Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some holiday cheer, then on to the new year!

Since our last post, many things happened to our family. We had Christmas, it snowed, BYU tromped Oregon in Vegas, Wesley turned six, and much more. But first things first: Go Cougars!

Anyhow, Wendy's parents flew down from Utah to be with us on Christmas, so it was special - it was Dave's only Christmas out of Utah since his mission, and Dorothy's first Christmas away ever, so we feel privileged, and the boys loved it! But we don't know if they'll be back since Dave caught the flu, which turned into pneumonia. It was probably more fun for us than them, but we hope they'll be back again.

We spent our traditional Christmas Eve at my parents' house, where we read from Luke 2, sing, and re-enact the Christmas story.

We spent Christmas morning at our house, and what do you think the kids did after they opened all of their presents? They started playing with our five-year-old laundry basket. Of course!

We welcomed in the new year without much fanfare - I think we were all asleep by about 10 P.M., but the new year brought new surprises. First, the snow we mentioned was just a skiff really, but it's Texas so we'll take it! It may not have been much snow, but there was plenty of cold to go with it!

Carter went out and played for a few minutes, and his hands were frozen! So I put him in my coat like a kangaroo, and he put his tiny hands under my arms, and they warmed up pretty quickly. I think we both enjoyed it.

Then it was Wesley's birthday. Cameron and Carter had as much fun as they would have on their own birthday.

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