Thursday, July 03, 2014

May 2014

Bethany and I went to the zoo while "the brothers" as she calls them were at school.  It was the perfect day...not too crowded and great weather.  The giraffes got up really close to us with their big, ugly, purple tongues.

Riding an elephant and monkeying around!

She loved the bird house where the birds just fly all around us.  Luckily, we didn't get pooped on! :)
Hey Papa, Bethany really is "your little warthog!"
She had a grin from ear to ear while riding the horse. Giddy up, cowgirl!
And we can't forget to play in the little stream in the children's area of the Dallas Zoo.  It was a fun mother/daughter day!
Cameron continues to play tennis and take lessons from Coach Dave Underly, who is in the Frisco 6th ward.  He was playing against some of the best Wakeland High School students in this picture!

We had an FHE with the Sister Peterson and Paongo at the Stake Center.  The Jolleys, Kathryn Smith and her family and Christina Alvarado and her kids came.  This is the temple our family made.  Yes, it's pink.  That was the only color paper the Sisters had and no, our temple did not withstand the winds and the tempests (blow dryer and water bottle sprayer) of the adversary!  Hopefully this is not a sign for our family!
We put on a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Brown, Carter's 2nd grade teacher.  This is all the kids saying, "Surprise!" and hugging her when someone (the principal) finally got her to come down to her room.  They all brought gifts and we played the toilet paper game (see who can guess the length of toilet paper strip that will fit just perfectly around Mrs. Brown's cute pregnant belly).
The Beams came to visit over Memorial Day weekend and we got to go swimming at Gram's new place in Savannah.  They obviously had a lot of fun!

Ahhhh, cute cousins!  The boys are hugging and the girls are playing in the dirt?  Go figure!
Sister Peterson's last night in Frisco, Tx.  Love that girl! She got transferred out to East Texas in Nacadoches (it just sounds like a hick town doesn't it?). We miss her!
My sweet little 18 month old nephew playing with his mama.  I love the way he calls me, "Wooo!"

Carter got the Personal Success Award for his behavior and the Spelling Award for his class.  We are so proud of him.  All the boys do such a great job at behaving well and excelling in their classes.  We are so blessed!
I guess Bethany wants Rugby to be her sister that she never got!  Shortly after this, Rugby chewed up this pretty flower headband.  I guess he is not wanting to get in touch with his feminine side.
On a Staley field trip with Wes to the McKinney Heard Museum.
It's beautiful, but this is where the crazy chiggers bit up my legs (about 30 bites on my upper thighs) and caused me to itch and scratch for weeks.  Not to mention that I looked ridiculous in a swim suit for at least a month.
Swimming with Anthony before he headed to Utah for the summer to stay with his Grandma.
Walking on the FCDallas soccer field before the game.  All of Carter's teammates ran as fast as they could across the field.  Carter told me he just walked so that he could enjoy it and be out there longer. Smart kid!
Although we went with Carter's club soccer team, we found the Skoricks there and sat with them the 2nd half. They taught us how to "dumpster dive" FCDallas style.  After the game, the kids went around the stadium looking for the Free Cici's Buffet coupons on all the left over pizza boxes.  They got about 25 of them.  Both Wesley and Carter took this idea a little to far and found left over, supposedly untouched according to them, Nachos and Cotton Candy that the ate.  Yes, pretty gross!

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