Thursday, July 03, 2014

June 2014

The 5th grade final farewell party at the Frisco Commons Park in old town Frisco.  Here's Cameron with two of his besties--Logan Langley and Justin Hauk.
Cameron with Ben Wade (our neighbor).
They had a snowball fight in June.  The snowballs came from Bahama Bucks. I got hit by one and I could definitely feel it.  Luckily, no one got hurt.  Bethany even got in on the action.  When you have 3 big brothers, a bunch of crazy 5th graders can't scare her.

Carter at his end of the year party boogieing down with the hula hoop.  He was surprisingly pretty good. 

The Mons family came to visit extended family here in Dallas and they stayed with us!  Bethany loved that Mariah dressed her up as a pretty princess.  It was so fun to visit with their family!

Look at those verticals!
Enjoying a free game at the Frisco Rough Riders baseball game thanks to Cameron.  He won free tickets from having awesome behavior in his 5th grade class all year!
11 year old Scout Day Camp.  It was hot, but it was fun and no chigger bites! :)
Cameron with Zach, one of his great friends from the 6th ward.  Zach moved about an hour away during the summer.  Cameron really misses him.  They were kindred spirits!

Wesley resting on the Sabbath Day in the most unusual spot.  I guess he just couldn't make it up the stairs.
Hanging out at Gram's pool again with another cousin this time!

Carter first Cub Scout Twilight Camp.  He loved it, despite the bugs and the heat.  He was in his element!

Enjoying a pre-4th of July party at Gram's subdivision with the Walkers. 

All of my boys trying to be hamsters! And two of them (Ken and Carter) climbing to great heights!

What a handsome dog!
Carter made a bird feeder at Twilight Camp and so lots of birds visited our back yard in June.  The kids had a great time taking pictures of them.

A squirrel tried to snitch the bird's food too!

The kids (especially Cameron and Carter) spent hours making creations out of melty beads.  They tried to sell them, but only had a few takers.  It was a great summer activity!
Minecraft sword

Minecraft Creeper
Another Minecraft sword

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