Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trip to Utah and more...

 We had a great time in Utah but kept forgetting to take pictures.  Here are some that we actually remembered.  Uncle Gary, Bethany and Cameron actually figured out the "hardest puzzle ever" up at the Walton cabin by Brighton Ski Resort.

 We always love spending time with the Walton's and enjoying the beautiful scenery up at the cabin.

 We went to the Church History Museum of Art.  They had a really neat hands on Book of Mormon display for the kids.

 Bethany even got to dance in a traditional Mexican costume.  It took her a while to get into it but then she didn't want to stop.

 This was at Temple Square right before we got to have a special behind the scenes tour of the Conference Center by my cousins husband who works there.  It was really interesting. We really enjoyed spending time with Nanny and Papa especially playing games.

 This was truly a miracle that we got us all standing quietly and looking for the picture.  It is always special to see this beautiful statue.

 Me and my mom :)

 Two cutie pies!  I love the flowers at Temple beautiful.

 We got to spend quite a bit of time with Grandpa Crow.  The kids loved riding (and especially driving) the boat on Strawberry Reservoir, fishing, shooting and just hanging out with Grandpa.  I think we wore him out!

 One of the highlights of staying at the VanHolten's home was that Tanner is there.  They all love to play and pet Tanner.  Carter spent literally hours petting Tanner.  I think we wore out poor old Tanner as well!

 We had a FHE presented by Steve and Sarah at Craig and Angeli's home.  They played a gospel Jeopardy game.  The kids all had fun and were really smart!  We are so happy they are all learning the gospel so well and gaining testimonies of their own.

 The Salt Lake City mission office is at my home ward building which is right across the street from my parent's house.  A young man from our Lewisville ward arrived there from the MTC when we were in Utah.  I told his mom I would try to get over there and take some pictures of him.  I got permission from the Mission President (since two of his sons live in our ward here in Frisco just a few streets over from us) and there he is on the right...Elder Mackillop with his trainer.  It was a great experience for me to be around all these missionaries for a few hours and his mom loved the pictures and the update.

 Craig was such a great Uncle and taught my boys how to play Settlers of Cattan and Risk.  They spent hours playing these games together.  I think Craig had just as much fun as the boys!

 We went to the Hill Air Force Base museum with one of my former mission companions Abby Stephens and her children.  They had lots of hands on things for the kids to play with and the fighter jets were also a big hit.

 Ken spent a whole day grouting my parent's kitchen/family room and starting on the backsplash.  He was a hard worker and did a great job!  He remembered how much he loved working with his hands and now has some goals to learn piano, welding and drawing.

 Unlike Texas, Utah allows you to buy your own fireworks.  We bought $30 of fireworks which took two separate nights to set them all off.  We had a "blast" with the fireworks.  We were able to see so many more people and do so many more things here are some of the favorites:

Wesley--Climbing up and touring Timpanogos Cave, seeing all the beautiful mountains, staying in the condo (that my cousin so graciously let us stay in for free) with the Blu-Ray DVD player and visiting Boyd and Rebecca Rolfson family in Colorado on our way to Utah.  Favorite Restaurant--Cafe Rio

Cameron--playing with Troy and Sadie and playing Risk with Craig.  Favorite Restaurant--Wendy's

Carter--watching Fenius and Ferb,  playing with Tanner (the dog) and watching Steve and Craig in their basketball game.  Favorite Restaurant--Iceberg (where we got shakes that were huge and they were only "mini" size for Iceberg)

Bethany--playing with puzzles and watching Snow White at Nanny and Papa's house.  I just realized that she hasn't seen almost all of the Disney princess movies because they were all on VHS.  We got rid of them a long time ago...poor deprived girl.  Even the boys have seen way more than her.

We also went to Bridal Veil Falls with Heather Fry (a former BYU roomie) and her children, swimming at the condo, bowling with Whitney and Jon, played in the church gym of course (Walton family tradition), and went to a Salt Lake Bees game with amazing fireworks.

I enjoyed being able to see so many friends and family.  I got to see several Doug Dibb family members (Kimberlie, Kiersten, Emily and R.Jay).  I got to visit with my dear friend Cynthia Wood a few times and ran into Alison Nordhoff at the Holladay Rec. Center.  We hadn't seen each other in years!  My favorite restaurant was Zupa's with Cafe Rio and Noodles & Company coming in a close second.  Hopefully, we can get one of those to come to Texas.

 We are so proud of Cameron for continuing to work on his Cub Scout program.  He recently got his Bear and will be in Webelos at the end of September.

 Such a cutie!

 One of my friends got us a good deal on circus tickets, so we went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum circus.  It was quite amazing!  Some of those tight rope, acrobat swinging stuff really made my palms sweat. :)

 Bethany went to a cowboy/girl b-day party for one of her friends.  Aren't they so cute?

 Carter just recently turned 7.  Can't believe what a big boy he is becoming.  He really scored because he got a party with just our family, a party with Gram and Grandpa, a swim party with his friends and we also took him to Chuck E. Cheese as a family.  Talk about spoiled!  Two of his favorite gifts were from his Grandmas--Risk and a Rock Blaster.  All the kids have been having fun with them!

 Yes, this "beautiful" spider was found in our garage (at least not in the house).  Ken swept it up and took it to the grass behind our backyard fence.  Although the children were fascinated by it, I hope to NEVER see it again or even one that is close to that is remotely close to that size.

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It was so fun to spend time with you guys!!! Ken was so awesome with helping up at the cabin. I hope you guy are enjoying headbanz. I we weren't sure if you guys would want the regular or the Disney so I made the final choice and went with Disney. Way to go Cameron Happy Birthday Carter and YIKES that is an ugly spider!!