Monday, May 28, 2012

April/May 2012

Carter got the "Most Charming" award for his Kindergarten class.  He really is thoughtful and charming to all.  This is his good friend Jackson that is also on his soccer team.

This is Carter with his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Soloman.  They color coordinate pretty well!

Bethany at her first dance recital.  It was only about 15 seconds long, but it was adorable!

Sweet and precious girl!

Sassy attitude girl!

They really do adore each other...most of the time.

Cameron got the Science Award in his 3rd grade classroom.  Unlike Carter who I had to pull his teeth to get two pictures.  Cameron wanted to take pictures with everyone.  This is him with Sophia,

and Chloe,

and his teacher, Mrs. Peterson,

and Miguel

and Alex.  He is definitely a ladies man!

Wesley also received the Science Award for his 5th grade class room and all he wanted to do was be silly.  (Colby, Seth, Conner)
Middle school here we come...ugh! (Conner and Hudson)
Mrs. Stelly was his Language Arts/History teacher this year (below).
Bethany made her own little bed in our book shelf.  She would probably do pretty well in a Harry Potter closet.

She also made a beautiful hat out of a swim diaper, so creative!

Not quite sure what Wesley ate, but I do know that it looks like the vase behind him are some weird growths coming out of his neck...he's crazy but we love him!

Bethany all dressed up, make up and all ready for her dance pictures with "Miss Lisa."

Cutest cowboy and Indian that I've ever seen!

We went and sang at the Retirement Home where Ken's mom works.  She is the activity director and we sang, "I Know My Savior Loves Me" (my favorite) and the kids sang, "I Am a Child of God."

Although it looks like it, she did not die. 

Yes, Wesley got a praying mantis egg from the Easter Bunny and yes it hatched about 200 praying mantis' in this plastic box in our house and yes they did start killing each other off, so yes we did let all the rest of them go outside when I couldn't stand it anymore :)

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Emlizw said...

Your family is sooo cute!! I love seeing pics and reading about all the adventures you go on!