Thursday, August 18, 2011

Houston and Carter's B-day

We went to visit the Putnams and the Beams in Houston for a few days. This is our nice refreshing walk in the forest trails next to the Putnams house with the temperature in the high 90's and humidity just as high.

Here are all the Putnam, Crow, and Cheney children glued to the TV after a long afternoon of swimming.

It was fun to have the Cheneys over and catch up with them as well. They only live a few minutes away from the Putnams.

The former Lewisville chicks. Why are all my friends so tall?

Cameron enjoying posing for the camera (he is always ready for someone to take his picture :) on our forest walk.

The Beams only live about 5-10 minutes away from the temple so we went to the Houston temple grounds--they really are very beautiful!

They also live really close to this park that has the strangest little animals in their pond. They look like ROUS (rodents of unusual size) from the movie The Princess Bride. They are like a cross between a huge rat and a beaver and they are called Nutria (I had never heard of them before). Our boys were quite fascinated by them.

We loved seeing the Beams new home which is very nice and big and just enjoy being with family. We are so glad they live close enough that we can see them several times a year.

Carter turned 6 and got a new set of "War" cards from Nanny and Papa since the other set we have is almost completely worn out because he plays it so much.

Mom and Dad gave him a really cool Corvette remote control car. He is really into finding race cars on the road whenever we are driving. He recognizes all the different types and Corvettes are his favorite.

We gave Dad a Super Man shirt for Father's Day because he is really a super man to us as a husband and father. So, Carter wanted one to match his dad. Nanny and Pappa sent him one--don't they look cute?

And, of course, we had a fun b-day party at Gram's house where Rhonda made a "crocodile" cake (Carter's favorite animal) and gave him lots of crocodile related gifts. We were so lucky to have both Sarah and Whitney there for his birthday party!


Emlizw said...

You've had a busy summer filled with lots of fun yay for fun. You're family is too cute I love reading about all the advuentures your family has.

Beam Family said...

That was fun to have you here. Conner was just asking me when are we going to Wu's house. Soon hopefully.