Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Summer Fun

There is a new mini Lego land at one of the malls here in the Dallas area. The boys got to go a b-day party here and loved it. This is the Lego Buzz.

The boys also got out of the heat and did some ice skating. They were so surprised how much harder it is than roller skating or blading, but they still did a good job and had fun!

Bethany and I watched the boys ice skate for a while, but we also played at the mall play area and did some shopping.

When Wesley is bored or really thinking about something this is where he goes. We call it "his spot." He usually is looking out the window, but with the blinds open there was too much glare.

For FHE one night, we went to the Lewisville Lake "beach." They actually bring in real sand not just the clay that is native around here. We went with the Normans and had a picnic dinner, swam in the lake and had a lesson about the wise men and the foolish men building their houses. We were able to use real sand and rocks--the kids loved it!

We really are blessed with children that love each other and play really well together. This is just one evidence of that!

Carter lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and the permanent tooth was already almost fully grown in. He is growing up :) Kindergarten is just around the corner.

Can you guess what these boys are doing? Well since we just watched Tangled with Rapunzel and none of them have long hair they had to improvise. So, they got some of my scarves and reenacted the movie. Luckily, they didn't hurt themselves too badly and my scarves survived as well.

Cameron played on a basketball team that had a perfect DEFEATED record. Only one of the boys on the team had played before and it showed, but the boys didn't seem to mind and they had lots of fun. I think the parents were more frustrated than the team.


Emlizw said...

Nick would love Lego land. He's a huge fan of places like that.
The tangled reenactment cracks me up!!! I'd have thought they'd be working on mastering the smolder not swinging from the rafters. Boys will be boys go for the more adventurous reenactment lol. Your kids are so fun I can't believe how grown up they are.

Beam Family said...

Oh my gosh, that Rapunzel thing was crazy!! I bet they loved it!