Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starting Summer

Wesley as our happy and then sinister pirate man. He, Ken and Cameron had their first swim meet last Saturday and Wesley wanted to paint a mustache on (I think he saw one of the other kids on his team with one?). Wesley got 2nd in Breast Stroke, and 4th in Freestyle and Backstroke. Cameron's team got 3rd in his relay and Ken got 1st in all three of his races (Breast, Free, and Butterfly). It was a good day and only stifling hot the last hour.

Cameron "graduated" from Kindergarten on June 5th. This was his teacher Mrs. Diane Kenyon. Wesley had her as his Kindergarten teacher too. We love her! Cameron is wearing a first place ribbon for reading the most books in all of the Kindergarten classes (665 books). He read about half of them and I read the other half to him. He is really getting to be a great reader. Best of all, he loves to read the scriptures and the scripture readers the church puts out. It is so rewarding to see him loving to read.

Here is Cameron with a bunch of his friends in his class. Notice that almost all of them are girls. Yes, he is still a ladies man!

Look at our very own Superman! He is not super muscly, but he sure is cute.

Carter and I were playing around with "Floam." I love the elephant.

We finished Carter's co-op preschool the last week at our house. We are missing Erick Putnam in this picture. He moved to Houston about a month before preschool ended :( They are the best group and play together so well. I think they are all pretty easy because they all have older brothers and sisters and are used to going with the flow.

Bethany and I watching the preschool kids play in the water. She won't be content to just watch for much longer.

Bethany holding some silk flowers that I used to make a diaper cake for Lori Beard's baby shower. The boys thought it was so cute that she was holding these huge flowers. They took this picture of her.

Just hanging out on the couch.

Cute girl after a bath (I mean Bethany--I'm not quite as cute right after a bath).

We had a really scary thunderstorm/tornado hit our area this past week. Ken, Cameron and Carter were at Going Bonkers and had to hide in the restrooms for 45 mninutes. Wesley, Bethany and I hunkered down in our laundry room once the tornado sirens went off, the wind was blowing and the sky was a freaky green color. Wes was really scared (Bethany was just nursing). So, we said a prayer and just sat in the dark (the power went out for 6 hours) trying to have faith. After the storm, we drove around to assess the damage. Lots of people in our neighborhood and neighborhoods close by lost trees! It was quite a mess. We lost the top of our chimney--good thing we hardly ever use our fireplace!


Beam Family said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize that had happened. I'm glad you are all safe and that there wasn't more damage to your house. Sorry we've been so self consumed!!!

Abby said...

Scary!! Glad you're ok!