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June 2013

Carter enjoying his end of the year luau party.Done with first grade in Mrs. Garis' class and on to second grade.
How low can you go?  He got pretty low!
Cameron's end of the year 4th grade party in Mrs. Miller's class.  Look at those stretches!

Gram and Grandpa sold their house in Coppell and moved in with us to wait for their house to be built in Savannah (just 10 minutes from our house).  It has been fun!  Here we are celebrating Grandpa's birthday. Not quite sure how old he is :)
Our sweet little princess falling asleep reading her "Pinkalicious" book.  No seriously, that is the name of the book.
Visiting an old High School in a small farm town nearby for a Merit Badge requirement.  Wesley was freaked out by how "old" and "creepy" everything was in this town.  Everything is new in our suburb, so I guess he's used to that...we need to get him out more.
Playing a water balloon game at our Neighborhood Summer Pool Party.  They also had this water slide below. All my kids LOVE swimming and Bethany just has a perma-grin the whole time she is in the pool.

  My b-day was not quite as eventful as last year with the big 4-0 party, but still had fun with family and friends.  Except that Wesley was at his first Boy Scout Camp and gone for a whole week.  It was strange to have him gone that long.  Good thing I still have about 6 years before his mission.  He came back with trench foot (he called it "Geezeritis") because he wore the same pair of socks all week.  He had chiggers bites because he forgot to put on bug spray.  He also had a heat rash all over his chest and back because he wore the same shirt the whole week.  Wow, doesn't Scout Camp sound like a blast.  Well, he loved it.  Also, I entered into the world of smart phones.  I got my first iPhone.  I was kind of resistant to get one, but I am actually really enjoying it.
We've gone bowling a few times this summer.  We joined a "Kids Bowl Free" club at the local bowling alley.  Of course, you still have to pay for the it is not free!
Cameron went to Cub Scout Day Camp for a week.  I went one day as a chaperone and Ken went another day.  He did lots of fun activities and the temps were under 100 degrees almost the whole week (a miracle). Be-Be Guns, Archery and hammering the geodes were his favorite activities.

We went to Austin to visit friends and to witness the millions of bats that live under this bridge in downtown Austin emerge at sunset as they wake up.  It is quite a sight and we were grateful that we were not in their line of fire (they didn't poop on us).
First, we stayed with the Fluckigers and enjoyed their new little baby girl Eliza. She's such a doll!

Of course, my boys found a toad and it was the highlight of the night especially when it peed all over Wesley.
Then, we stayed with the Mons and had lots of fun going out of the boat on Lake Travis as well as playing basketball, chatting and playing lots of card games.  We also got to meet their latest addition, Jake, who they adopted just a few weeks ago when he was 14 months.  We also heard the amazing story of how Jake came to their family.

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