Thursday, February 07, 2013

Starting off 2013

Nanny & Papa came for the blessing of new baby cousin Zachary and for Wesley's ordination to the priesthood.  Yes, he is now a deacon.  The Beams came up to Dallas for the occasion and we finally got to meet Zachary. Since, at least one of us has been sick since the middle of was Bethany this time.  When Bethany and Carmendy are together they are really together, so we made them wear masks.  Aren't they cute in a weird kind of way?

Wesley won't tell us what he wishes for anymore.  He is just getting too dang big.  He is almost as tall as me, weighs almost as much and his feet are definitely bigger than mine (and believe it or not--more stinky).

Papa got put in the "naughty" chair in the corner.  No, really he just went and sat there until someone noticed.  Sounds like him...right?

All ready for church; we didn't make them wear their masks :)  Aren't they beautiful?

Papa with 5 of his 8 grandsons.  He only has 3 granddaughters.

Enjoying some snuggle time with one of my newest nephews.  So sweet! Kim "sleeping" with Rapunzel...not so sweet :)
Bethany knows how to help me when I have a bad headache.  She has watched her dad take care of me.  Her massages aren't quite as effective, but it sure is cute!

Trying to round up 9 boys to have a somewhat civil present opening at his b-day party.  They had just made movies and had several nerf gun wars.

Bethany fit right in with all the boys and jumped right into all the fun.

We went up to Oklahoma City to the blessing of Lily Walker.  Bethany loved "taking care" of her.

Here's the whole crew that came for the blessing.  Lily has lots of family to support her.

Uncle David reading books to Bethany.  She was in heaven!

Wesley is moving right along in Scouts.  At the last Court of Honor, he received 2nd and 1st class and a few more merit badges.  Star Scout here we come!

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Emlizw said...

I love your mom and dad! No it doesn't surprise me he sat in the corner till someone noticed LOL.
Bethany and Carmendy are too cute together!! Your boys are growing up so fast. I remember when Nick was ordained in October and I thought to myself man where did the time go.
What a fun post!