Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Love Month

Yes, it is February and my children are selling lemonade. They did it for three straight days in a row and made about $10 a day...pretty good since it is only 25cents a cup!

Bethany's play group was at our house on Valentine's Day, so we decorated v-day cookies. She has play group every Tuesday.

Bethany's b-day (she's 3) was this month as well. It is always fun to celebrate at Gram's house! The Norman's gave Bethany a beautiful Easter type dress and a sparkly purse.

Look at that big mouth ready to blow out the candles and she got all of three of them out all on her own. I wonder what she wished for?

She is a very happy 3 year old!

We had a celebration with just our family at home and opened up 3 darling dresses that Nanny made her with one of the patterns from the LDS church Humanitarian Center. They will be great for summer! She also got coloring books from Papa and a few puzzles(she is really good at puzzles) and a shopping cart with lots of fake food from us.

We played some games I found on Pinterest and then ate these delicious chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream and strawberries on top! Looks like Wes is about to snitch.

She had so much fun on her b-day and was such a girly girl as you can tell from this picture!

Ken got me a new soft blanky for Valentine's Day to replace the old tattered red one. He even made the ribbon look like hearts...pretty impressive!

He also made us all yummy pink cinnamon swirl pancakes for breakfast on V-day (I found them on pinterest). What a great husband and father!

I went to Aldi (an amazingly low price grocery store that is now here in Texas) and got such a great deal on produce. I just had to share. I bought 12 sweet potatoes, 6 zucchini, 3 heads of broccoli, 3 heads of romaine lettuce, 6 tomatoes, 1 bag of baby carrots, 8 oz. container of mushrooms, 1 bunch of celery, 1 cucumber, a bunch of bananas, 1 cantaloupe, 7 pears, 4 avocados, 1 pineapple, 16 oz. strawberries, 2 lbs. red grapes, 10 apples, and 11 oranges all for $30.60. It was awesome! Come on bountiful baskets is not even coming close to that good and you can pick what you want :)

Wesley was getting recognized for being "commended" in two of the three areas of his Texas Standardized Testing from last year. So, they told him to dress up (which we didn't know he was supposed to dress up). He was taking extra long to get ready that morning and we were yelling at him to come down. When he came down the stairs looking so handsome in his suit (that he hasn't even worn to church yet), we just about cried that he would do that all on his own. We were so proud of him and he was definitely the best dressed at school that day. Luckily, everyone at school thought it was so cool that he looked so great! He even thought to put on shorts and a t-shirt underneath.

A lot of his good friends got commended as well in at least one area. This is Joey, Colby and Conner. Nice to know he has friends that are working and studying hard.

Wesley and Seth!Not sure about the kid in the black shirt (he just jumped in the picture). Conner and Mrs. Krueger (his teacher who is also in our ward...she is amazing).

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Emlizw said...

$10 a day!? Wow that's cool. Bethany is too cute!! It looks like she had a great time. Way to go Wesley!!!