Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Updates

She is already starting to pose for the camera--what a model!

She started sitting and clapping at about 6 1/2 months!

And is getting close to crawling!

But I still like to hold her alot!

So remember how we told you that Ken got poison ivy from taking family pictures. Here is a shot of what it looked like. This was before it got real bad and this was on several places of his body. Doesn't it look fun?

Carter had a hard time letting go of Mommy when dropping him off at his new preschool (mommy did too). So, I bribed him. If he didn't cry when I dropped him off, I would get him a McDonald's ice cream cone. He did it on the third day of preschool and now he really enjoys going and is learning a lot.

Yes, it is true after seven years of living here and planning on moving in less than a year we finally had someone come and do our landscaping. I should have taken a picture of before and after because then you would realize why I am thinking this is the best landscaping job around. I guess I appreciate it more because I waited so long to get it. I will definitely be looking for a house that already has a nice landscaped yard when we start house hunting.

We also got a new bedspread set since the kids destroyed the last one and we have new rules about children getting on our bed--like they don't!

Cameron had his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (despite his parents trying to get him to do it somewhere else--oh well, it is fairly inexpensive). He really enjoyed his cake as you can tell and he got lots of Pokemon toys from his friends.

Ken was the best man for his good friend Frank James' wedding. He got to wear a tux, be in charge of the rings (luckily he didn't lose them) and give the first speech/toast at their reception (with his glass of water).

It was a fun night and the first time we left all the children to go out since Bethany was born.

They had a traditional wedding cake, but Ken and I really liked this one they had made. Frank is from Canada and Erica is from the United States. It tasted really good too!


Robyn said...

You guys look great in the wedding pics!

Missin' ya!

Beam Family said...

I like your new bedspread and the landscaping looks really good, too. Hopefully we'll be able to see it in person before I get to fat and pregnant to travel!

joana said...

wow the landscaping looks great! i saw it "before" so i can appreciate the after pics. and bethany's getting so big!

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

The yard looks great. The bedroom looks great. You guys all look great. We miss you!!!

Clueless Blue said...

I love the first pic of Bethany! Lovely landscaping =)