Wednesday, May 20, 2009

T-Ball and Bethany

Surprised by the flash! Look at those big eyes. Luckily her small little eyelashes fell out and have been replaced by beautiful long eyelashes like her brothers.

Flirting with daddy...

Just a plain sweet look.

Cameron is playing T-ball this season instead of soccer and even though he has never played before he is doing really well, plus he looks really cute. His coach (Chris Delamarter) also coached his soccer team so several of his soccer teammates are on his team. Chris is a big fan of Notre Dame hence the Irish mascot for the team. Cameron told us that if he grows up to be a T-ball coach someday, his team will be BYU.

Cameron warming up with a big throw.


joana said...

bethany is getting so big! love the big eyes picture:) i want to get van into t-ball too. cameron looks so cute!

Beam Family said...

We're excited to see you this weekend. Especially little Bethany, it's been since she was like 2 weeks old since we've seen her!!

Robyn said...

She is so darn cute! I love little boys in their uniforms- so glad he is enjoying it.

I'm so excited we talked today! Can't wait to see you in a few months!!

Jill said...

Go Cameron! I need to check your site more Wendy, you have so much on here that I have missed! Bethany is a little dolly and we had so much fun having you guys visit us! We miss you so much and wish you would move here!