Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pinewood Derby and Pregnant Moments

Wesley has officially started Cub Scouts with our ward and his second week was the Pinewood Derby.
The boys had lots of fun watching the all the cars race.

Wesley didn't place (although he is convinced that he took 4th place), but he got the award for the "Most Futuristic Car."

Here is the fruit baby that Denise Blue (my friend and counselor in Primary Presidency) made for my baby shower. Isn't she cute? She tasted good too!

Here are some pictures from my shower at Jill Putnam's house! We had lots of great food, fun games, wonderful company, and I got so many presents I almost felt guilty. Thanks everyone for such a great celebration!

It was an extra treat to have Ken's grandma visiting in Texas from Utah.

Wesley just had to take a picture of me from the side...pretty scary!

This last picture is Wendy a few months ago when she went into Wesley's classroom and did a presentation on the Mormon Pioneers. Wesley's class was learning about different groups of people in America in the 1800's who came from the east to settle the west. I told his teacher that our early church members made a huge trek of thousands of people from Illinois to Utah and that I would love to come in and share with her class about this pioneer expedition. I dressed up in Whitney's (my sister-in-law) pioneer trek clothing and had a great time with the children. I had lots of pictures, showed them the expedition on a map, told some pioneer stories, and we even sang "Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked" all together. The children and the teacher had lots of questions. Every member of the staff that saw me that day in the school of course stopped me to ask me what in the world I was doing? It was a great missionary opportunity. If the people of Vickery Elementary School ever wondered if the Crows were LDS, there are no doubts now!


Amber said...

You look awesome, pioneer, pregnant, the whole nine yards. Love it!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Are you the primary president in your ward? I don't think I knew that.

And that whole pioneer at school thing is AWESOME. Way to go, girl. :)

joana said...

way to go with the missionary moment! and your shower was way totally scored with the presents! of course it's because you have so many friends, and everyone loves you:)

Leanne said...

Glad your shower was fun. Love the Pioneer trek story--way to BE! :)